The Inevitable FAQ

What is your privacy policy?

Your data is used for no nefarious purposes and is not retained. If you make contact, and a reply is provided, that is the extent of the data collection - your e-mail address and possibly your name. It is certainly not shared with others. We hate that.

Will you read my book? I've written something great!

Regrettably, I'm busy enough writing my own. Sparing the kind of time necessary to give worthwhile feedback would be difficult. I recommend joining a writing group where you are sure to find people willing to help.

What's planned for the Alkademah series?

At least three more books after The Gateways of Alkademah. That's all I'll say.

Why the mystery on your name? What does GK stand for?

Good Karma, Greater Knowledge, Groovy Koala, Gentle Knight... take your pick! Or search the web. You'll find it out there somewhere.

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