Return to Alkademah (Alkademah book 2), coming 2023
Book, Return to Alkademah
Return to Alkademah

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After rescuing The Lady Tsilania and restoring the crystal key to its rightful place, Marcus Beltram settled into life with his family and put all thoughts of Alkademah behind him. That was until his four-year-old daughter revealed that she could see gateways.

But these were not the silvery gateways Marcus was familiar with. Nor did they hum soothingly when Marcus listened for them. The gateways were now a roiling, dirty orange, like molten copper. And instead of the gentle hum he was accustomed to, they grated cruelly, like old machinery on the point of failure.

Worse still, as he watched, one disappeared, and then another. The gateways were dying. And possibly so was Alkademah.

Marcus knows he must try to reach Alkademah. How can he convince Dana that he has to return to a place that came close to claiming his sanity and his life?

With the gateways dying, if Marcus should reach Alkademah, will he be able to find his way home?

Find out in Return to Alkademah.

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Release date: July 2023

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